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Greening Up Your Home - 10 Simple Tips
By: Kit Heathcock

Green living tips - conserving waterWhen you have young children it can be hard to even think about making your home greener.

Unless you have already embraced cloth diapers, you probably have an uncomfortable feeling that it isnít possible to be a truly green living super mom with a baby in the house and a busy lifestyle ... Read More


Family Friendly San Diego
By: Sandy Kane

If youíre visiting San Diego with kids on vacation, you wonít go short of entertainment. Spending the day at the Coranado beaches, exploring the tide pools on Point Loma, visiting...  Read More


Malva Pudding Recipe
Malva Pudding Recipe
Buttermilk Rusks Recipe
Buttermilk Rusks Recipe
Milk Tart Recipe
Milk Tart Recipe
Quick family recipes, food and living, green living tips, family-friendly travel, kids' parties and much more ...
Food and Family is a collection of writing about children, family life, good food and recipes. Created as a space to share all the advice, cookery books, fun fiction, recipes and natural health ideas that have supported many of us on the eventful journey from starting a family, with all the joys and stresses that brings, to the demands of everyday survival with school age children...always a challenging but rewarding task.

Food and Family specialises in quick and easy recipes to feed the family, simple baking recipes (an excellent rye bread recipe) and delicious recipes for family celebrations, as well as information about healthy food, natural health remedies, kids' toys made from natural materials, suggestions for home-made kids' parties without the sugar high Ė all the things we are aiming for in our families.

Aiming for but not always achieving, we most of us will have to admit to our original, idealistic standards of nutrition slipping as our children left toddlerhood behind, but in FOOD AND FAMILY we hope we have found a happy medium. We all recognise that plastic toys still all too often crunch underfoot, comfort food, chocolate cake and biscuits are still too delicious to miss, so chocolate cake recipes will find their way onto our recipes page!

Life is for living. Live in the now as much as you can!


Easy Breadcrumbs from Leftover Bread
By: Kit Heathcock

What do you do with those slightly dry ends of loaves that no-one in the family wants to eat once you have a fresh loaf on the table? If you...  Read More

Babies And Allergies: How To Manage Their Diet Without Resorting To Panic
By: Lily McCann

Babies are, on the whole, pretty robust beings, despite their small size and need for gentle handling and care. Listening to scare-stories about potential harm caused by fairly common foods...  Read More

Celebrate Earth Hour With Your Kids
By: Kit Heathcock

Earth Hour is a great way of doing something fun with our kids at the same time as growing their awareness of energy use and the environment.

If you havenít yet...  Read More


macaron box
By: wecy lopez

How to find the best place to buy macaroons online There is no denying the fact that macaroons are rising in popularity in the modern day. It seems that folk...  Read More

buy macaroons online
By: taliya aaron

How to find the best place to buy macaroons online There is no getting away from the fact that macaroons are soaring in popularity in the modern day. It seems...  Read More

here is no other sweet treat with as much diversit
By: kricces bayenix

Move over cupcakes, macaroons are 2013‚Äôs top sweet treat! Sorry cupcakes, but there is a new sweet treat in town. Macaroons are without doubt 2013‚Äôs top sweet delight. The French...  Read More